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HH is an example of a hardened encasement that is the wrapping of primal fears and survival instincts around itself. It includes aspects of denial and resignation with terror and madness; also, a courage that is equal parts reasoned and reckless. It is the structured and structuring psychology of a person confronted with unthinkable conditions. The smoothness of this form reveals an orientation that is maternal. Scientists have pinpointed a collection of circumstances which required a mother to use every aspect of her being, the totality of her humanity, to enfold her child as if a shield or a shell. While this form was discovered in 1983 within two miles of the Cambodian killing field of Choeung Ek, other forms have been found throughout the world as the materialized manifestation of fierce parental protection catalyzed by horrors (acts of violence and war, famine and disease, environmental disasters, etc.) about which we are powerless to protect our children.